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講師 Karin

BANDS講師 【東京】

US | Karin

Hi. Nice to meet you. I have a background in graphic designing. I enjoy swimming and travelling. I used to be a lifeguard and swimming instructor. I like to listen to music and catch up with friends in my free time. I am fluent in Japanese and Spanish. Bye / じゃね / Chau.


講師 Steve

BANDS講師 【東京・千葉】

AUS | Steve

Hi. Nice to meet you. I enjoy having a good time. I like making new friends, and trying new things, and going to new places. I love Japan, there’s always something new for me. I’m also involved in modelling and film work. Laters.


講師 Den

BANDS講師 【東京・千葉】

AUS | Den

Greetings. Making new memories, sharing experiences, and challenging new things – this is me. I like to sleep, travel, eat, drink, and sleep some more. Japan is great, there’s just so much I have yet to experience. Absorb as much as possible. Till we meet, take care and thanks for checking. Cheers.


講師 Kylie

BANDS講師 【東京】

AUS | Kylie

Hello. Nice to meet you. My interests are travel, making videos, journalism, rock climbing, attending music gigs, and so on. In my quiet time I enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi novels. I like interacting with people. I worked in broadcasting before and in the future I’d like to be a journalist. Thanks and bye for now.


講師 Dan

BANDS講師 【東京・千葉】

UK | Dan

Hello. Nice to meet you. Japan is unique, and I like it. Izakayas, bars, and the Japanese culture. I fancy drinking beer with mates, making new friends, and having a good laugh. I like to watch football (soccer) and visit new places when I have the time. Thanks and see you.


講師 Sam

BANDS講師 【東京・千葉】

UK | Sam

Hi there. Nice to meet you. I came to Japan for the cultural experience. Prior to this I spent time working and travelling around Europe and Asia. I’d like to travel and see more of the world and learn on the way. My hobbies are swimming, cooking, and socialising. I hope to make many good friends and teach many more students. In the future, I plan to pursue my master’s studies in Neuropsychology. Thanks.


講師 Mat

BANDS講師 【千葉】

CAN | Mat

Hello, nice to meet you! I have always been interested in everything related to Japan. I really enjoy interacting and meeting new people of all ages, cultures and walks of life. I like to travel and discover new places and I’m always up for a drink in a nice izakaya. My hobbies are playing soccer, running and hiking. I speak French at native level and am currently learning Japanese. Thanks.

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